Thursday, March 1, 2012

Redecoration Inspiration: Bed Edition

When I decided to redo my room, I  had two goals in mind.  One was to have all white beddings.  I'd been living in the land of ivory for far too long and I drastically needed something fresher.  The second was to update my style in a more grown up way but still holding on to that fun girly aspect I had before.  I had done "shabby chic" for years and was hoping for something a little more clean.

So when I saw this...

Photo: Sterling Style (LOVE this blog and all the lifestyle inspiration)
I was obsessed.  It was mostly all white and the sequins and all the fur just seemed PERFECT! I would have to do some tweaking and some extreme Googling to get this down into my price range.  Also, I had no grey overtones in my room so I had to find an affordable alternative.

When all was said and done this is what I came up with:

I ended up finding a similar duvet cover at Target thanks to a handy tip from Sarah over at Bright Lights, My City and ended up scoring it for about $70.

It's very similar and so perfect. I love the way it puckers - it's very flirty and versatile.

The one completely unnecessary splurge was the throw at the foot of the bed.  It's the same one as in the inspiration photo because it was exactly what I was looking for.  It's the Ludlow Throw from Z Gallerie and it was about $70. It was worth every penny.  It feels super indulgent and I hope it lasts forever! Even now, I can't wait to be home cuddled under it. 

Now, let's talk throw pillows.  These were by far the most arduous undertaking.  I wanted everything to be white but I also wanted to have some depth so I had to put a lot of thought into what I wanted! The original photo had Mongolian fur pillows but large ones are relatively pricey. I liked the look so I just bought this little guy for about $16 at Amazon.

The two in the back are faux mink covers, also from Amazon.  I got 2 for about $30 and then had to buy the actual pillows which came in at another $30. So, $60 total which is still a lot but they ARE huge pillows.  I'm insanely happy with how they turned out so I suppose I can't complain. Also, did you know that when you buy pillows to stuff inside pillow covers that the pillows should be two inches LARGER than the covers?  I didn't know this but it DOES explain why it was very difficult to find 24 inch square pillows instead of the standard Euro size.  Lesson learned and small pillow crisis averted.

The sequined pillows were the most difficult find.  There isn't a whole lot of sequined pillows out there which I think is a travesty and should be remedied immediately.  The ones that are out there are just ridiculous like this one for children or expensive, like this amazing fluff ball of dazzle.  I bet around the holidays though, you would have an easier time finding that little extra sparkle.  I needed to find something in the $15 range which brought me to QVC of all places where I found perfection created by Issac Mizrahi (who else?) These little babies cost me about $25 total and I was so pleasantly surprised when I received them! They were perfect and not tacky at all (which was my biggest fear.)

So my goal of new, all white bedding was accomplished for about $250.  Luckily, I already had white sheets and picked up a cheap, white dust ruffle on Amazon (about $10) because I hide everything under my bed and no one needs to see what's happening under there.

This was only a small part of my many many projects, I'll be back tomorrow with more.


  1. Love! So sophisticated, yet cozy. Well done, lady!

  2. I am copying you almost exactly!! I got the same duvet, similar shams and a plain white dust ruffle! I am going to add throw pillows over time. Thanks for sourcing everything!!